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    Here are some instructions to walk through the process of backing up, restoring a backup or moving wordpress to a new domain. As there is different software which could be used along the way I will make the instructions a quite generalised and broad, explaining more the goal as opposed to the exact method of achieving it.

    Taking a back-up of your current website

    It is important you take a proper back up of your existing website, follow the steps below for an example of one way it can be done.

    1. First, take a full backup of ALL the current website files. This can either be performed through an FTP program or if you have SSH access you can zip the files into one. This makes it much easier and faster to download AND it maintains all the current permissions.

    2. You need to gain access to the MySql database. The most common way to do this is using PhpMyAdmin, which normally comes as a part of CPanel or Plesk. So load up PhpMyAdmin and select your database from the left hand column by clicking on it.

    3. Click on the Export button located at the top of the page.

    4. Click the Select All to select all tables and ensure the SQL option is selected below.

    5. Check the box Save as file and click the Go button in the bottom right when you are ready.

      This will take a complete back up of the database and save it as an Sql dump which will make it nice and easy to restore from later.

    6. So now you have a copy of the full database and all the website files.


    Restoring a backup or moving to a new domain or url

    Both restoring a backup and moving your current site to a new domain or url use almost the same process. Ensure you have backed up a complete copy of the website files and the database using the above instructions.

    Once you've done that, move onto the steps below.

    1. Upload all of your website files to the new location. (If you uploaded a zip file be sure to extract the files here too.)

    2. Load up your server control panel (usually Plesk or Cpanel) and find the page to create new a database.

    3. Create a new database as well as a user. Be sure to assign the user full rights to the database. Keep note of the database name, user name and user password.

    4. Load up your SQL dump (from your backup) and execute it. To do this an easy way in MySql is by doing the following:
      => Load up PhpMyAdmin
      => Click on your new database in the left column
      => Click the SQL at the top
      => Paste in the data from the Sql dump we saved
      => and finally, click Go.

    5. You should now have your database almost ready to go. To finish it off you need to use the SQL update tool (located at the top of this page) by entering your current website url and the new one you are now setting up. Copy the result that is displayed.

      ***Note this is not necessary if you are keeping this website on the same URL

    6. With this data on your clipboard, go back to the SQL screen and paste it in the textarea. Click the go button and the database will be updated with your for your new URL.

    7. Finally you need to update you Wordpress configuration file. Load it up: (wp-config.php)

    8. Update lines 20-39 with the new details. This includes (in order):Database Name, Database User, Database Password (for user), Database Host (usually localhost). This is the information I asked you to save in Step 3.

    9. Save the changes to the config file and thats it, you should be good to go.